Episode 26 :

John Komeiji

President and General Manager, Hawaiian Telecom

Listen to our podcast featuring John Komeiji, …

Episode 25 :

Chantal Rickards


Listen to our podcast featuring Chantal Rickards, …

Episode 24 :

Tom Walsh

Operations Director, AIS Ltd., London, UK

Listen to our podcast featuring Tom Walsh, …

Episode 23 :

Marwan Fawaz

Executive Advisor, Google and Alphabet

Listen to our podcast featuring Marwan Fawaz, …

Episode 22 :

Ekta Dang

CEO & Founder, U First Capital

Listen to our podcast featuring Ekta Dang, …

Episode 21 :

Gerald Glennon

General Manager, Kahala Hotel and Resort

Listen to our podcast featuring Gerald Glennon, …

Episode 20 :

Tony G. Werner

President, Technology, Product, Experience, Comcast Cable

Listen to our podcast featuring Tony G. Werner, …

Episode 19 :

Kathy Eldon

Producer, Author and Founder and Chairman of Creative Visions and Creative Visions Productions

Listen to our podcast featuring Kathy Eldon, …

Episode 18 :

Lorenz Glatz

Technology Executive & Advisor

Listen to our podcast featuring Lorenz Glatz …

Episode 17 :

Nikesh Kotecha

VP of Informatics at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

Listen to our podcast featuring Nikesh Kotecha, …

Episode 16 :

Mike LaJoie

Founding Partner LMT & Associates

Listen to our podcast featuring Mike LaJoie, …

Episode 15 :

JT McCormick

President and CEO of Scribe Media

Listen to our podcast featuring JT McCormick, …

Episode 14 :

Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt

Senior Advisor and Board Director

Listen to our podcast featuring Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt, …

Episode 13 :

Kay Buck

CEO & Executive Director, Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)

Listen to our podcast featuring Kay Buck, …

Episode 12 :

Ann Zeichner

Managing Director at Focus Search Partners, A Vaco Company

Listen to our podcast featuring Ann Zeichner, Having run sales and marketing for a large enterprise, led a company as CEO, taken a company through an IPO, and sold several, Ann’s understanding of leadership and organizational structure propels her to be an invaluable asset to her clients as she applies that knowledge base to their recruiting needs.

Episode 11 :

Vince Pizzica

Principal at Pacific Strategic Consulting

Listen to our podcast featuring Vince Pizzica, Vince has been a leader in telecommunications and entertainment industries over more than 30 years. He has held senior roles at Technicolor, Alcatel and Telstra.

Episode 10 :

Manish Vyas

President, Communications, Media & Entertainment and CEO, Network Services at Tech Mahindra

Listen to our podcast featuring Manish Vyas, a highly accomplished leader who shares his heart first philosophies on leadership and what relationships mean him.

Episode 9 :

Larry Gilson

Chairman, Focusing Philanthropy

Listen to our podcast featuring Larry Gilson, Larry shares with us his journey that started his career in his early 20’s propelling him into high profile political opportunities in Washington, including being a White House staff member under President Carter and continuing his very successful career as a leader, successful business man and philanthropist.

Episode 8 :

Taarini Dang

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Author

Listen to our podcast featuring Taarini Dang, a 14 year old, aspiring and talented Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Author, Taarini talks about overcoming age and gender barriers.

Episode 7 :

Kamran Ziaee

Chief Information Officer at CenturyLink

Listen to our podcast featuring Kamran Ziaee, an elite technology and business visionary.  “The most important aspect to reaching your potential is to reflect each day and identify what you could have done better” .  “It is important to make sure the humanity of what we do is never compromised” (Kamran Ziaee)

Episode 6 :

Nick Segal

President, Southern California at Pacific Union

Listen to our podcast featuring Nick Segal, he shares with us his heart first philosophies on integrity, the value of your word and how you can create personal and professional successes.

Episode 5 :

Mark Timm

CEO of Xponential, Inc.

Listen to our podcast featuring Mark Timm, he is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Xponential, listen how Mark reached his level of success after founding 15 businesses.  “The best investment you can make is in your family”  (Mark Timm)

Episode 4 :

Steve O’Hara

Managing Partner, The Valley Fund

Listen to our podcast featuring Steve O’Hara, Steve started out as a systems engineer and developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit that fueled him to become a mentor, successful angel investor and a respected venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.  “Adversity is inevitable, the way you deal with it will define you as a person” (Steve O’Hara).

Episode 3 :

Vinod Kumar

Managing Director and Tata Communications Limited Group CEO

Listen to our podcast featuring Vinod Kumar share his story growing up in humble beginnings rising to the role of a CEO of a multinational company.  “if I am remembered by people for having lifted their energy I will be a happy man”. “Lead affectionately and inspire those around you” (Vinod Kumar)

Episode 2 :

Shellye Archambeau

Board Director, Strategic Advisor & Speaker

Listen to our podcast featuring Shellye Archambeau, an inspirational and collaborative leader, she takes us through the mind of an incredibly successful corporate business woman who broke numerous barriers in the corporate world.   A master planner, Shellye is an advocate for creating a plan and executing on it.

Episode 1 :

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, Pioneer, & Business Shark

Listen to our podcast featuring Kevin Harrington where he talks about his humble beginnings that brought him global success as an entrepreneur, leader and mentor.  “You can get everything in life that you want if you help enough people get what they want”  (Kevin Harrington).  As the founder of As Seen On TV, Kevin is an expert on business development and product advertising.