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An interview series that explores what it means to be a leader in our technology driven society.

New Episode with Dr. Ajit Singh

Dr. Ajit Singh is a partner at Artiman Ventures, a Silicon Valley VC firm focused on early-stage technology and life science investments. He also serves on the board of Trustees of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Foundation and is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Medicine at Stanford.

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Cracking the Code Podcast with Sudhir Ispahani, is a podcast series that will bring proven pioneering thought leaders to discuss their views on disruptive technology, leadership, economic, ethical and market future trends and their thoughtful approaches to disruption in society while exploring their heart first philosophies in leadership. In addition to this podcast series, Sudhir has been working on several books starting with:  Values Based Leadership – A compendium of essays from Global Leaders, sharing their thoughts, values and leadership moments of learning.

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Join Sudhir as we adventure through the stories and experiences of some of the most influential thought leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and innovators in the world. Cracking the Code with Sudhir Ispahani is sure to be more than a lesson, but a journey of self-discovery. Be inspired and unlock the Value Based Leader in you.

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