Kamran is a global technology executive with a proven track-record in the Telecommunication, Broadband, Cable, Media and Wireless markets. Over the last two decades, he served as a Chief Information, Technology and Operating Officer at public and private equity-owned companies, his creative and relentless focus on leveraging the best in technology platforms has contributed to the creation of share-holder value through optimization of technology costs, as well as innovation and launch of next generation products and services. He successfully led the transformation of Customer Operations, Advanced Interactive Video services, Over the Top (OTT) Content Services, national launch of 4G/ LTE, and predictive data and automation services at major North American and European Broadband and Telecommunications service providers.

Kamran serves as Chief Information Officer at CenturyLink, the second largest enterprise telecommunications service provider in the United States,. He is leading the digital transformation of the company’s legacy platforms.  He also leads the Diversity program for Women in STEM across the firm. Prior to joining CenturyLink, Kamran held Executive leadership positions at Liberty Global family of companies, including CTO of Ziggo in the Netherlands, CIO and Head of Customer Operations at Unity Media and European CIO of NTL (Virgin Media).

Kamran is also an active investor in emerging technology startups  and  serves on the board of several next generation  technology firms in Silicon Valley. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and a global voice in the world of technology transformation.

Kamran has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Master’s in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the Ohio State University. He also has an MBA from New York Institute of Technology.