Vince Pizzica has been a leader in telecommunications and entertainment industries over more than 30 years. He has held senior roles at Technicolor, Alcatel and Telstra. He has most recently been the driving force behind the transformation of Technicolor SA from its legacy roots as French tech conglomerate Thomson to the world’s leading provider of media and entertainment solutions. In his ten years at Technicolor, he took on corporate leadership in key areas such as Strategy, Corporate Development, Innovation and Marketing, but also led the restructuring of the line of business for Technicolor’s Digital Delivery unit, now the world’s number two provider of Customer Premises Equipment. His key focus at Technicolor has been ensuring the company undertook the necessary transformational steps to be successful in era that it faced significant disruption and challenges.

A seasoned executive in the technology industry, Pizzica’s experiences includes prominent roles such Regional Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Alcatel-Lucent for  Europe, Africa and Asia. In over 17 years at Telstra, he led a number of corporate initiatives in development of its network infrastructure. He also invests and serves on the Boards of a number of innovative startups in entertainment technology.